Treo 650 vs Treo 700w Camera Resolution

One of the big ironies of the Treo 650 vs. Treo 700w decision is that the Treo 700w has a higher resolution camera (1.3 MP vs. 0.3 MP), but a lower resolution screen on which to view the captured photos.

Bob and I pulled out the gadgets again, shooting almost identical images of a classic work of art (almost identical because it’s difficult for us to pull out the gadgets without exposing ourselves to considerable harassment).  On the left is a shot with my Treo 700w; on the right with Bob’s Treo 650.  The color separation on the 650 is a little stronger than on the 700w (which looks a little washed out), but the image from the 700w is a little crisper and considerably larger.  You can almost read where the fries are from in the photo taken by my 700w.  Clicking on the thumbnails will open the unmodified original images for comparison.

This one’s a toss-up.  Color processing is better on the 650, but image resolution is better on the 700w.

Photo with Treo 700wTreo 650 Image


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  1. One variable that might have had an effect, was the fact that my glowing personality "Enhanced" the image via reflection. šŸ™‚

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