Using Mocks and Stubs and Free TypeMock Licenses

Blogs are a fabulous way to share knowledge, and for incremental learning, but they’re a tough way to grok an entire underlying concept.  Something I’ve never quite grokked are mocks and stubs, until last week.  My favorite development mag’s latest issue is dedicated to open source tools in .NET development.  One article focuses completely on mocks and stubs, Isolating Dependencies in Tests Using Mocks and Stubs.  After reading this, I thought "wow, I need to get me a mocking framework".  One of the popular mock frameworks mentioned was TypeMock.

Enter TypeMock today.  A short time ago, I get this in my FeedDemon:

Unit Testing ASP.NET? ASP.NET unit testing has never been this easy.
Typemock is launching a new product for ASP.NET developers – the ASP.NET Bundle – and for the launch will be giving out FREE licenses to bloggers and their readers.

The ASP.NET Bundle is the ultimate ASP.NET unit testing solution, and offers both Typemock Isolator, a unit test tool and Ivonna, the Isolator add-on for ASP.NET unit testing, for a bargain price.

Typemock Isolator is a leading .NET unit testing tool (C# and VB.NET) for many ‘hard to test’ technologies such as SharePoint, ASP.NET, MVC, WCF, WPF, Silverlight and more. Note that for unit testing Silverlight there is an open source Isolator add-on called SilverUnit.

The first 60 bloggers who will blog this text in their blog and tell us about it, will get a Free Isolator ASP.NET Bundle license (Typemock Isolator + Ivonna). If you post this in an ASP.NET dedicated blog, you’ll get a license automatically (even if more than 60 submit) during the first week of this announcement.
Also 8 bloggers will get an additional 2 licenses (each) to give away to their readers / friends.

Go ahead, click the following link for more information on how to get your free license.

Serendipity, baby!  Hope I’m one of the first 60.

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Pgh.NET: Silverlight 3 Double Dose

Join the Pittsburgh .NET User Group on May 19th for two presentations by INETA speaker Pete Brown on what to expect from Silverlight 3.

1. What’s New In Silverlight 3
A tour of all of the new features in Silverlight 3. Topics covered include features geared towards RIA/Business Application development, Media, Graphics, etc.

2. Silverlight 3 Adores My Commodore 64
In this entertaining talk, Pete discusses building a Commodore 64 emulator and a software-based music synthesizer in Silverlight 3. This is more of a coding for fun session. Definitely a lot of fun!

Date: Tuesday, May 19

Time: 5:30 – 8 p.m.

Venue: Microsoft Offices, 30 Isabella Street, 15212

Cost: No Charge, please register

Register: Online

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Simple Design and Testing Conference Coming to Pittsburgh

SDT Conf is focused on providing agile practitioners a platform to meet face-to-face and discuss/demonstrate simple design & testing principles/approaches. The conference will use Open Spaces to structure conversation, improve understanding, facilitate brainstorming and help innovate.

  • What: Open Space event to discuss different aspects of the Simple Design and Testing practices
  • Where: Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
  • When: Oct 9 – 11, 2009
  • Who: Everyone interested in Simple Design and Testing practices
  • Cost: Free. Open to people from all aspects of software projects

SDT Conf Fall 2009 is our fourth annual conference. SDT Conf 2006, 2007 and 2008 were very successful conferences. More details on the Archive page.

Full story at

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