Frankenplanner mashup: Emergent Task Timer + Rocketbook

I’m a big fan of Rocketbook.  I backed their microwaveable Wave on Kickstarter and used it until recently when I backed their dry-erase Color notebook.  I gave Color notebooks to my kids and a niece for Christmas (I haven’t shown them how to scan yet, but grandma’s email is going to be full of love when I do).  I appreciate the reusability of the notebooks, and as a full time home-based remote team member, the scanning app makes it easy to communicate with the rest of my team.  It’s entirely true some of the BFF architecture for Rocket Mortgage was designed using Rocketbooks.

I also like to keep track of what I do during the day.  Since my work is more responsive than planned, I use the Emergent Task Timer from David Seah’s Productivity Tools (thank you Mr. Seah, your tools are wonderful).  This helps me keep on my project allocations, and on really crazy days I can see what I did for standups the next morning.  But, it doesn’t take long before I’ve accumulated a large pile of ETTs and I really don’t need to keep them for very long.  What I needed was a reusable ETT.  So I set out to make a Frankenplanner by fusing an ETT with a Rocketbook page and laminating it.

Rocketbook has some downloads of its pages for free, so I printed one of those out, and experimented with sizes of the ETT.  88% fit just about perfectly, so I printed that on top of the Rocketbook page and laminated it.  Now I have a reusable ETT which I can scan and automatically file using the Rocketbook app!

On the left below is a photo of what the page looks like, and the right is a photo of the scan.  Some colors work better on my lamination than others, but good enough for what I need.

Note to Rocketbook team: Talk to this David Seah guy.  If you make a book full of his productivity tools, I’ll back that, too!  Good for all of us.