Configuring Diarist2 for BlogEngine.Net

Kevin Daly’s Diarist2 is a Smartphone/Pocket PC blogging client written in .NET.  I used it on my Treo 700w, and now use it on my Omnia.  This blog is based on BlogEngine.NET, which at this time can’t be auto-configured with Diarist2.

1. Download and install Diarist2

2. Open Diarist2, and navigate Menu >> Weblog >> Add >> Generic MetaWeblog.

3.The API for BlogEngine.NET is located at  Enter in the settings as seen below:


4. Click Confirm.  Your blog should be auto-configured with the blog title, and you’ll be returned to the screen where you create a new blog post.

That’s it!  If you’re wondering how I made the screenshots, I used My MobileR.

DotNetKicks Image