Blogfest 5 With Robert Scoble

So I got stuck in this nasty traffic jam on my way to Blogfest 5, and I was thiking that Scoble was far more popular than I had thought.  Turns out it was traffic for a Steelers pep rally and a taping of the Jerome Bettis show.

Milke saw to every last detail–completely overcast and rainy day, just like Seattle (although the snow flurries may have been a little too much), and a cake that glowed like it was powered by Homer Simpson’s nuclear fuel rods.  True to Maryam’s word, Robert showed off his new Cingular phone (running WM 5.0) and the awesome pocket-sized OQO Tablet PC.

I posted a photo gallery with a few shots (taken with my Treo 700w) at  Unfortunately, I forgot my good camera, and had to make do in dark bar lighting.  These photos have been a little retouched out of necessity.