How RedGate’s SQL Source Control Saved My Tail

It’s still in early beta, but RedGate’s SQL Source Control saved my tail today.  I was deploying a number of objects from dev/test to production, and since I’m beta testing the product, I checked everything in before I created the scripts.  I was interrupted partway through the deployment for a meeting (say what you will about the sanctity of deployments, this is just life sometimes).  When I got back from the meeting, I had half an hour before I had to leave to get Precious Little One from day care.  One of the steps I needed to complete involved dropping and recreating a stored procedure.  Yep, you know what happened next—I dropped the thing in dev/test before I had the script to create it.  Yikes!  Fortunately, with a couple mouse clicks, I was able to easily add the sproc back to dev/test, and properly deploy it.  Thank, RedGate!

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Windows 7 Cannot Save Documents to SharePoint 2007/Windows Server 2008

After we began rolling out Windows 7 at the day job, we found our first issue–when people checked out documents from SharePoint 2007, the documents were opened as "Read Only", and the users could not save the edited document back to the portal.  The work-around was to save the document locally and re-upload.

After four months of working with Microsoft, we were able to find the solution.  The problem was in URLScan, and Windows 7's use of the OPTIONS verb.  By default, this verb is blocked.  If you look in the URLScan logs (by default, %WINDIR%\system32\inetsrv\urlscan\logs), you'll see an entry like the following (important parts are in bold):

2010-03-19 02:12:15 778810668 OPTIONS /<document library path>/ Rejected verb+not+allowed HTTP+method – –

All we need to do to fix this problem is edit urlscan.ini by default, (%WINDIR%\system32\inetsrv\urlscan), find the [AllowVerbs] section and add OPTIONS.  Then scroll down a little to the [DenyVerbs] section, and remove OPTIONS from that list.  Do an IISRESET and all is well.

For reference, our server platform is Windows Server 2008/IIS 7/SharePoint 2007, and clients are Windows 7 Professional using IE8.  This issue does not seem to affect Windows XP users with IE 8.

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Pittsburgh Code Camp 2010 Registration Now Open

Registration Open – Code Camp Pittsburgh, April 17th, 2010
Our Spring Code Camp will be here in about 5 weeks (Saturday, April 17th).  Registration is open and we have plenty of topics to interest you.  We will finalize the session schedule over the next few days, but the site has all of the session titles and abstracts for camp posted.  For session or schedule changes, either check the site or please follow us on Twitter (@pghdotnet) or join the PGHDOTNET LinkedIn group for late breaking news.
The URL for Code Camp is here:  Please follow the registration link to register for the event.  Registration is FREE.

Also, download the Pittsburgh Code Camp iPhone App (written by camp speaker Jason Agostoni).  Here's the URL:

If you have any questions about Code Camp, please email us either at or
Code Camp is sponsored by ProTech Professional Technical Services, ComponentOne, e-Staff Consulting Group and Microsoft.

SQL Server Version Control

Wow—from not having a good version control option for SQL Server to two apps all of a sudden!

I’ve been beta testing RedGate’s SQL Server Source Control.  They’re at version 0.3, but making progress quickly and it’s a very stable application even at this early stage.  I like that it supports both Subversion and Team Server, and is an SSMS add-in.  Full details coming soon.

Today I got an email that xSQL Software released xSQL Version Control.  It looks to be its own version control system, but has a cool feature of rollback scripts (even easier than reverting).  Full details and free trial at