The Bloomery’s Blog Gets Some Press

We received some nice press in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review recently.  We were interviewd for an article titled “Blogs offer new avenue for businesses”:

Brides-to-be love to read anything pertaining to weddings. That’s why the owners of a Butler floral shop reach out to them through a blog, or Web log, that invites their comments.

Richard and Kathy Dudley of The Bloomery post messages and pictures with wedding ideas: Mini bouquets can be made with a deep purple calla lily that looks almost black, for example.

Well, one thing has changed.  In response to the article, we have had new customers check out our blog and website.  They found our prom gallery, and came in to order their prom flowers.  Progress!

You can find our blog at and our regular site at; our wedding website is, and our wedding blog is

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