Congratulations! You are a Community Credit Winner!

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Well, it’s not quite the Powerball, but still pretty cool:

Congratulations. You won 8th Prize in the April 2006 Contest. As you may know, a lot of people competed, but only a few won. Nicely done! Please also keep in mind that your prize is not just a stupid, geeky gift, but it’s also a symbol to represent your contributions to the development community. When folks ask you how you won, you can tell them that it was by helping out other geeks. Be proud and brag.

My prize was Polarity; you can see the other prizes from last month at (as well as this month’s prizes).

Utilizing the forces of magnetism, players take turns placing hovering magnetic discs on the board in order to impose chaos on their opponent. This chaos, which causes discs that are in play to come together in a flash of magnetic frenzy, results in scoring opportunities. Stacks of more than one disc (towers) are counted as points and the player with the most points at the end of a game wins. Those are the basics.

Want to compete for June?  Get on board at  This month’s prizes are totally cool, so don’t sign up yet.  Seriously.    Wait until June.


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