Windows Live for Mobile Beta Test

via Betanews:

Microsoft is preparing to beta test a new software client for Windows Mobile 5.0, which will replace the Pocket MSN application with Windows Live based services formatted for smartphones. Pocket MSN features currently include one-click access to Hotmail and Messenger, along with viewing alerts.

With Windows Live services set to succeed their MSN counterparts throughout the year, Microsoft will update the mobile client as well. The company is seeking beta testers to trial the new software, which requires a Windows Mobile 5.0 device such as a Treo 700w. The test, only available in the United States, is open to join through Microsoft’s Connect beta site — users can find an application survey under the “Available Programs” link.

Part of the program requirement is a compatible cell phone (such as a Treo 700w) and a good data plan.  Click through to the connect site, sign in with your Passport, and fill out the survey.  The program is near the bottom of the list.