Web Browsers for Treo 700w

The Treo 700w comes with Pocket IE.  Were it 1998, we’d be golden. 
It’ll get the job done for some simple sites, but there’s not a lot of
functionality there.  Right now, there are a couple of good ideas to watch,
but only one replacement browser.

for Windows Mobile
just had a new release, and is the only complete
replacement for Pocket IE at this time.  It’s not free, although there is a
30-day trial.  I tried an earlier version, and liked it.  I didn’t
take the plunge because the JavaScript and CSS support made things exciting when
sites weren’t 100% compliant.

One technology to watch is Minimo,
which is based on Mozilla, the same guts that Firefox uses.  It’s getting
better, but at version 0.2, it’ll be a while before it’s ready for prime
time.  I messed around with the 0.1 version, and it showed a lot of

The other one to watch is DeepFish
from Microsoft.  Except for input fields, the page is comverted into an
image which you can scroll around and zoom in.  This allows you to see
sites as they were intended, without weird CSS issues.