Version Control via FTP

A few years ago, I was looking for a version control system that would be easy to implement and not cost a fortune.  I was splitting my time between my laptop and my desktop, and was always forgetting my thumb drive somewhere else.  I did not have a separate NAS device at the time, so that was out of the question.  I was paying for shared hosting, and was greatly underutilizing my disk space allotment.

Enter FtpVC, a version control system that works via FTP.  It was perfect for my needs!  I installed the client on both machines, configured it to use a folder on my hosting account, and got back to work.  Setup was very easy, and the shared hosting space was accessible to either machine, and offsite.  At $50, it was not a budget breaker, either.  All the usual version control features are there, including history and comparisons.  If you’re a lone ranger picking up the odd client job, or a small development shop, FtpVC could be a great solution for you.

There’s a new version out, and their announcement e-mail reminded me I should blog about it.  No relation other than happy customer.  As a matter of fact, I’ve since moved on to another solution, but I still recommend FtpVC as a lightweight and inexpensive way to get into version control.

One thought on “Version Control via FTP”

  1. Hello, may you add link to repo () to main menu?I have smart-ass firewall in my work and can not isnlatl the plugin via Mono-Develop/repository, i use isnlatl from file ability.Every time i update the plugin, i have to open google and try to find link to repo list (of cause, i am lazy and do not use bookmarks). I suppose is not only my problem and link to repo page was be useful.PS. Sorry for my English, I hope the meaning is clear.

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