Upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7 with new Laplink PC Mover version

I scored a free copy of Windows 7 Ultimate from the MSDN "New Efficiency" show.  Microsoft doesn't support upgrading from XP to Win7, so I partitioned the hard drive on my laptop and now have a dual boot system.  Now I have to migrate all my programs and such to the new partition.

PCmover is compatible for migrations from all versions of Windows (since Windows 95), and
supports in-place upgrades from Windows 2000 through Windows 7, including 32-bit and 64-bit
upgrades and migrations. Only PCmover automatically moves all settings, files, folders,
applications, and more to a new PC.  Pictures, videos, music, tax files, Internet favorites,
documents, spreadsheets, games, and much more can all be moved automatically. Setting PCmover apart
from any other solution is the ability to move applications, a capability no other tool provides.

“With this version of PCmover, users can upgrade from operating systems such as Windows
2000, XP, or 32-bit Vista to Windows 7 64-bit without losing any data or having to reinstall their
applications,” continued Clark. “With a street price of under $20 for our new PCmover Upgrade
Assistant, consumers and businesses can afford to move to Windows 7 right away.”

The press release says availability today from Laplink, but as of this moment, the new version isn't on their website.  I have used the previous version of PC Mover a number of times (for XP to XP and XP to Vista), and it worked like a charm–highly recommended.  Upgrade Assistant is now available, and apparently actually allows you to do an in-place upgrade of XP to Windows 7.  No idea how this works yet, but it's very promising.  If Upgrade Assiatant works like PC Mover, you can take it to the bank.

Full story at http://www.laplink.com/media/press_releases/pressreleases_0025.html.