Three Great Apps for Axim X5 (Windows Mobile 2003)

I’ve been on a quest to do a little more with my Axim than just a handy contact manager.  I’ve wanted one way to take my RSS feeds with me so I can read them during Microsoft events when Virtual PC isn’t working right.  I tried a few Pocket PC RSS readers, and my favorite so far has been Pocket RSS.  It was extremely easy to dump an OPML file from RSS Bandit, transfer it to my Axim and then subscribe in the reader.  One of the nicest things is that it uses the connection manager, so it can update feeds when connected via ActiveSync, and it can update feeds when I’m using the WiFi card.  Not every reader could do that, which surprised me–one that claimed to be the leading RSS aggregator could only sync via WiFi.  For the $5.95, I’m definately registering Pocket RSS.

My other new favorite app is ADBWeather Plus, from the same programmer incidentally.  This app was also very easy to set up, and I have to give major props to any app that has Butler, PA listed in it.  Weather Plus actually requires a live connection when you configure your forecasts, because it pulls live data from the National Weather Service’s system.  Right now, we’re having a thunderstorm and tornado watch, and I have satellite maps and warnings in the different views.  This one is actually free, but you need to register at the developer’s site.  Very cool, indeed!

To make these all come togther, I’ve added SBSH PocketBreeze as a Today screen plug-in.  Another great app more than worth the small registration.  I cleared everything off my Today screen except the date and time, and added PocketBreeze.  PocketBreeze allows you to configure various tabs, and both Pocket RSS and Weather Plus plug right in (they each stand alone if you want to go that route).  My calendar, e-mail boxes, RSS feeds and weather forecasts are now all tabs on my today screen quickly accessible with a simple touch of the stylus.  Full apps open as necessary when I click on them.