Stored Procedures Do Not Prevent SQL Injection

There’s another sproc-or-not battle royale going on over at  Not going there, but one statement Eric
made isn’t completely correct:

First, you can be sure that no sql injection attacks will ever

That’s part of a longer paragraph, but if I read the paragraph correctly, not
taken out of context.

For the most part, Eric is correct.  But, if SQL statements are
generated dynamically in a stored procedure, and in-line parameter concatenation
is part of the statement, then you’re just as susceptible to SQL
Injection.  For instance, code such as

 select @sql
= @sql + ‘ AND order_id=’ + @orderId

would be susceptible to SQL Injection.  I have
seen code such as this used (including some by as reportedly high-level DBA),
and sadly written some myself.

There’s an excellent paper on the right and wrong
of dynamic SQL at;
I have a summary blog post at

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  1. dynamic sql is just as bad as pass thru sql. It shouldn’t be used in structured shops.

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