Stop Using DatePart for Formatting Dates!

If you’re still formatting dates as such:

lblDate.text = datepart(“d”,Now) & “/” & datepartt(“m”,now) &
“/” & datepart(“yyyy”,now)

then stop this instant!  Step away from the keyboard and no one gets

There are better ways in ASP.NET to format dates.  You could replace the
above line of code with:

lblDate.text = getdate().tostring(“MM/dd/yyyy”)

and end up with exactly what you needed.  ASP.NET is full of great
format strings.  Remmeber the old FormatCurrency(MyCash) command?  You
can replace that with MyCash.ToString(“C”).  Download the .NET 2.0 SDK and
look up “formatting strings”; you’ll find all these goodies in