Small Mention in Today’s USA Today

We got a small mention in today’s USA Today about marketing with blogs.  We were interviewed a little over a week ago by the reporter who had found our weddings blog ( and our other blog  at while researching the article.  We spent about 15 min on the phone discussing various aspects of blogging and business.  The author was enamored with MySpace, and even went out of his way to claim that MySpace is a blog, sort of.  We don’t do anything with MySpace simply because we can’t control what ads might be displayed on our site, and it’s possible that our content on MySpace might have an FTD ad next to it.  Not what we want!  The full story is at  A link back to our site would have been nice, but who’s complaining?

has an additional reason not to mix marketing and MySpace:

In general, I’d chalk that up as a bad idea. No one like unsolicited marketing messages, especially not when they’re in an environment where they want to chat and have fun. It’s one thing to score a link on someone’s MySpace page…it’s a WHOLE other thing to send out spam mails to all of your friends and your friends’ friends.