Scott Hanselman’s Pittsburgh Talk Update

The subject of Scott’s
Pittsburgh .NET talk
has been updated:

Essential Tools for the Effective Developer

Join us for the May Pittsburgh .NET User Group meeting as Scott
Hanselman, Chief Architect at the Corillian Corporation, looks at some of the
essential tools for effective development.  Scott is known for his
Ultimate Tools List at
his ongoing efforts to collect and use tools that help developers be as
effective as possible.
Your brain thinks fast, why should your fingers be
“I/O Bound?” Join us at this fast-paced talk about Scott’s philosophy of
effectiveness, a journey that might introduce you to a number of Apps,
Applets, Add-Ins, Toolbars and Shell Customizations that’ll take your
development environment to the next level. We’ll also talk about Test Driven
Development and Continuous Integration and may also touch on a number of
CompSci concepts like Cyclomatic Complexity.

Info at