Opera 8 Beta 2 for Treo 700w Almost TiddlyWiki Compatible

In his “Replacing
” episode, Scott Hanselman talked about TiddlyWiki as a great little organization
tool.  Pocket IE doesn’t support JavaScript, so there’s no hope of using
TiddlyWiki with that.  Opera’s latest release is so tantalizingly close to
working with TiddlyWiki (which would make both a very useful app for me). 
Opera can almost render the page correctly in full page mode, and the rendering
leads to navigation difficulties.  But it’s soooo close.  I’m not sure
if it’s an issue with Opera or TiddlyWiki.

3 thoughts on “Opera 8 Beta 2 for Treo 700w Almost TiddlyWiki Compatible”

  1. Any news on that? I tried opening my TiddlyWiki using Opera – and it started to dispay it correctly, but then went to a blank screen. I’d love to have TiddlyWiki on my PDA.
    Do you know any other browser for Windows Mobile that can support Java Script?

  2. The only other browser that looks promising is Minimo from the Mozilla folks (http://www.mozilla.org/projects/minimo/). Opera is under continuous development and is focusing heavily on the mobile market, so look for more good things. At the time of this comment, the most recent version is 8.6, and I haven’t tried anything since 8b2, so I can’t say if they’ve improved or not.

  3. I’ve been testing it with latest Opera (downloaded yesterday) v. 8.6 – it is not working. I heard about Minimo and want to give it a try.
    NetFront 3.3 (http://nfppc.access.co.jp/english/) supports Windows Mobile 2005 (this is what is running on my device) and looks stuffed with features according to description. But they have so many disclaimers and forms before they allow you to download.

    P.S. Your CAPTCHA code timeout is too short for my comments. 🙂
    Good thing is that it keeps the text.

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