My Treo 700w must-haves

Several of us in the Treo Brotherhood at work are trying to convince a corporation of Blackberry users to make the change.  To show off the capabilities of the Treo, I usually show some of the following applications.  There are the ones I recommend new Treo owners install right away (in no particular order):


Windows Live Mobile (free)

You know that cool demo in the iPhone commercial, where the user searches for sushi, gets a list of restaurants on a map, and then can dial one from its result?  That’s not the phone, that’s the software, and this is what you need. Web search, maps, movie times, traffic, local businesses, etc.  You can do all that on your Treo with this freebie from Microsoft.

eWallet ($24.95 w/ desktop app, free trial)

It’s amazing how many websites require a free user id and password, and it’s tough to keep track of them all.  eWallet is not just for passwords, though–you can also store frequent flyer logins, combinations, serial numbers and warranty info, and more can design your own cards as well.  I recommend the desktop application too, and one will sync with the other to keep all your information straight.  You owe it to yourself to use the free trial.  For many years I’ve used FlexWallet.  Recently, FlexWallet and eWallet were merged, so I’ve updated the link.

Windows Live above will also do maps, but it never hurts to have a second set of directions.  As with Live, maps can be dragged around and zoomed, and display traffic information.

Kevtris (free)

The best Tetris clone on any system.  Something to do on the man seats in Ann Taylor Loft.

PocketWeather ($9.95, free trial)


Excellent weather application–current conditions, future forecasts, for one or more cities.  Again, check out the free trial and see its full feature set.

Good sites