My FlexWallet to eWallet Upgrade

For years, I used FlexWallet on my Treo 700w to keep track of my passwords and such.  Recently, FlexWallet was merged into eWallet, so I had to install new software and remove the old.  Always scary.

Since eWallet’s file format is different than FlexWallet, an import was required.  It failed.  So I e-mailed support, and after exchanging a couple e-mails, they sent me a link to an updated eWallet.  The import worked this time, and I’ve been very happy with eWallet.  Thanks to Kevin for speedy response!  I’ve updated my Treo 700w must-have list, replacing FlexWallet with eWallet.

One thought on “My FlexWallet to eWallet Upgrade”

  1. Sorry you had some trouble at first, but I’m really glad everything worked out for you! Thanks for the kind words and certainly let us know if you have any other questions!

    Marc Tassin
    Senior Product Manager
    Ilium Software

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