Marketing With RSS – This Week’s Notables

Two items of note this week, both looking at how RSS is more than just blogging, and how it fits into marketing your business.

MarketingProfs is offering a 90-minute webinar entitled “Better Than Email Marketing? Rss Demystified

RSS is a simple to use tool that allows marketers to easily, inexpensively and quickly get their content delivered to their customers, prospects, business partners, the media, employees and practically everyone else you can imagine. And without fear of your content being stopped by content and spam filters on the way.

With failing e-mail delivery rates and changing online consumer behavior, RSS is becoming an increasingly important online content delivery tool and has already been established as the key supplement to e-mail marketing. And with Microsoft’s recent announcement of full RSS integration in their next operating system — including full Internet Explorer, Outlook and Outlook Express support — RSS will find its way in to mainstream publishing.

The cost is $99, and the seminar will be recorded.  There’s a full rundown at

The same group also has a new free article named “Your 7-Step RSS Marketing Plan

As an alternative to email, RSS is becoming an increasingly important content delivery channel that allows marketers to deliver all of their content, fully upgrade all of their marketing initiatives and establish lasting client relationships.

Whether direct marketing, PR, e-commerce, internal communications, online publishing, SEO, traffic generation or customer relationship management, RSS brings the power of delivery back to the hands of marketers.

But most marketers still do not know how to actually get started with RSS, especially when trying to take its power beyond basic blogging.


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