March PGHDOTNET Meeting – Bringing ALT.NET to the masses with ASP.NET MVC

 Tuesday, March 9th, 2010
 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM
 Microsoft Offices, 30 Isabella St., Pittsburgh, PA 15212
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this month's meeting we'll discuss not only the core ideas and concepts that
make ALT.NET what it is, but we'll also
discuss how you can apply some of these very same concepts to your own day to
day development using frameworks like ASP.NET MVC. 
Some concepts we'll be discussing our Test-Driven Development, Inversion of
Control, and the SOLID principles.

Scott Guthrie announced ASP.NET MVC to the world at the first ALT.NET Conference in October of 2007. 
Since then, 
this new framework has made impressive inroads into the mainstream .NET
community.  The flexibility inherent in this 
lightweight framework has made many of the ideas which first inspired the ALT.NET mindset achievable in every day .NET



Jeremy Jarrell (ALT.NET), Matt Otto (ALT.NET),
Craig E. Oaks (Pgh.NET)