Launch 2008 Software Pack and Links

All attendees to a “Heroes Happen Here” Launch even receive a software pack, but it’s not without its limitations.  Here is what’s included, and restrictions:

  1. Windows 2008 Server, Enterprise Edition, both 32-bit and 64-bit.  Full version with keys, 1 year time bomb.
  2. SQL Server 2008.  This is a CTP, not the final release.  I’d avoid installing this on any machine you like–use a virtual machine or something you can throw away later.  There is a registration code in the pocket with the EULAs for a license of the final version.  No mention of a time bomb.  I just tried to register, and the site craps out when you submit your form.
  3. Visual Studio 2008 Standard Edition.  This is the version one step above Express.  It’s most notable feature limitation is the Office development.  That’s right–all that cool MOSS/Office 2007 integration and workflow they demonstrated, well, you can’t do that with this version (you need the Professional version at least).  A version comparison is at  No indication of a time bomb.
  4. Windows Vista Ultimate with SP1.  This was a nice surprise.  The full kitty, no expiration (the Windows Live One Care has a time limit, though).
  5. Microsoft Forefront and Microsoft System Center.  Two infrastructure tools marked as “Limited-Time Trial Software”, but no indication of the time limit.  Forefront is Microsoft’s network security suite, rolling up Antigen and other tools into one product.
  6. Windows Mobile 6 Developer Resource Kit.

Useful links from Launch:

If you want to review the presentations (or in our case, see them working), check out the Virtual Launch at  You need a Windows Live ID and Silverlight.  Apparently you can choose from several cities, but each time I selected something other than LA, I got a Silverlight error.

Download lab manuals for each demo at  This is totally cool.  Get these and actually do what you saw (or would have seen if the demos didn’t keep crashing).  Subject to the limited features of the Standard version, unless you have a better version handy.