June BADNUG Meeting – DotNetNuke 3 Basics

BADNUG will hold its next meeting on July June 22 from 6-8 pm at BC3’s Cranberry Campus.  In a break from prervious formats, the Tool of the Month (“use one, don’t be one”) will be the entire presentation.

Rich Dudley will present on the basics of DotNetNuke.  DotNetNuke is a free, open source portal system, which can be used to create complete websites with a great amount of functionality very quickly and cheaply.  DNN version 3.1 has just been released, and this presentation will cover installation, configuration, administration, skinning, module installation, etc.  Version 3 has a number of new features, including several wizards that can configure a new site (such as a personal or club site) in minutes, which is extremely useful in a portal provider environment.  Other new features include drag and drop positioning of modules, friendly URLs, new skins, and many new and improved modules.

With the release of DNN 3, the DotNetNuke Core Team has also begun several sub-projects.  There has been much hope that DNN will be able to integrate with Community Server, but as of yet, little progress has been made.  The DNN team has begun its own blogging and forums sub-project, which we’ll also install and review.  We’ll also take a commercially available template and turn it into a DNN skin.

DNN 3 supports only SQL Server (MSDE, SS2K, SS2K5) out of the box, but Access, Oracle and MySQL providers are under development by third parties.  We’ll be using the April CTP of Yukon for this demonstration.

Everyone who pre-registers will receive a solutions CD containing a number of resources, including the recent DotNetRocks episode on DNN.

If you have a funcitoning laptop and would like to perform the installation along with the presentation, feel free to do so.  The required configuration you need to have working is:
1) Win2K Pro, Win 2K Server, WinXP Pro (must be pro), Win2K3 Server
2) IIS installed
3) Some flavor of SQL Server 200x, MSDE or Sql Server 2005 Express
4) .NET Framework 1.1

To register, e-mail info@badnug.org.  For additional information, visit www.badnug.org.  Yes, the site will be upgraded to DNN 3 shortly.

Update: The June meeting is in June, not July.  Doh!