Installing II7 on Windows 7 Beta

Windows 7 ships with IIS 7, but IIS is not enabled by default.  To turn on IIS 7, you need to dig into a new area of the Control Panel.  One quick note—unlike past setups, when you choose a parent option, this does not automatically select all of the child options in all cases.  You’re better off expanding parents and choosing the children you need.

  1. Go Start >> Control Panel
  2. Click on the green Programs header
  3. Under Programs and Features, click on Turn Windows features on or off
  4. Select Web Management Tools.  This will only install the IIS Management Console.  If you need to install IIS 6 management scripts, you’ll need to expand Web Management Tools then IIS 6 Management Compatibility and select the parts you need.  Again, this is only for IIS 6 management scripts, not application compatibility.
  5. Expand the World Wide Web Services, and drill into each of the children nodes to choose the one you want.
  6. Finally, choose the Internet Information Services Hostable Web Core.

Keep in mind that IIS 7 is a radically different web server than IIS 6, so you have a learning curve once you get this installed.  Also, not every application that runs in IIS 6 will run in IIS 7.  You may become very familiar with IIS 6 compatibility modes.