Free Certificates for Encrypting E-mail

Microsoft MVP Susan “The SBS Diva” Bradley gives a short overview about sending encrypted e-mails.  In her post, she says you have to purchase a digital certificate.  From some certificate authorities, you may have to do so, but Thawte offers free certificates for e-mail through their Web of Trust program.  When your certificate is issued, the name on the certificate is “Thawte Freemail Member”.  In order to have your name appear on the certificate, you need to get yourself notarized.  Basically, you meet up with a Thawte notary (I am one), who looks at two forms of identification and assigns you points.  You need 50 points to be notarized (I can assign up to 35, the maximum allowed), and then your certificates will contain your name.  There’s more information at the WOT site at