Five Chapters Into “Naked Conversations”

I’m going to have to read this book twice.  “Naked Conversations” has me jazzed.  I’m probably supposed to be reading this book with a critical eye, but I find myself so interested in the content that I lose myself in it.  The writing style is casual and informative, and solid tips are worked in between the vignettes of bloggers.  So far, it’s been part history lesson, part glimpse of the future, with a focus on the end result: relating to customers.  One aspect I really like about the book so far is the wide variety of people who are included.  Favorite quote so far: “Blogging is word of mouth on steroids.”

One annoyance: page numbering restarts with every chapter.  I prefer not to have to refer to “page 10 of chapter 4”, but rather “page 142”.

I will definately be recommending several people add preorders of this book to their Christmas lists (consider this a personal recommendation for anyone reading this; there’s a handy link below for your use).  And hey, my uncle’s a master plumber in NH, so y’all may have your blogging plumber soon.