Feburary PGHDOTNET Meeting – Improving ASP.NET Web Application Performance and Creating Web UI Tests

Update: Cancelled due to snow!  Next meeting in March. 

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

5:30 PM – 7:30 PM

Microsoft Offices, 30 Isabella St., Pittsburgh, PA 15212

Registration details: http://www.pghdotnet.com/201002.aspx (we have a new online registration form!)

Join us on February 9th for two sessions as David Hoerster first describes how you can quickly create web UI unit tests using Visual Studio 2010's new CodedUI Tests feature.  Afterwards, we'll talk about how to improve the overall performance of your ASP.NET web sites by going over a few tips and tricks.  This is a session that will be beneficial to developers, testers and architects alike!

Session 1: Creating Automated Web Unit Tests Using Visual Studio 2010's Coded UI Tests

Quickly create UI unit tests using Visual Studio 2010's new feature called CodedUI Tests.  They're very easy to create, give the developer/tester a lot of control, and allow you to data drive your tests.  This feature is great for developers and testers alike.

Session 2: Improving the Performance of Your ASP.NET Web Sites

There's a lot of tips and tricks to improve the performance of your web sites, and we'll take a tour of a few of them in this session.  We'll look at: CSS Sprites, Using WCF Services for AJAX Calls, Tools for Minifying Your JavaScript and CSS Files (and how to integrate them into a build tool), and a few more!