DotNetNuke Skins from DNN Covered

For a recent client’s project, I needed a good looking DotNetNuke skin.  After searching through Snowcovered, I cam across the DotNetNuke skins by DNN Covered.  These skins are amazingly beautiful!  We purchased one, uploaded it, and it worked perfectly.  It’s perfect for our site.

Not only are their skins beautiful and affordable, they have great customer support.  The skin page said the PSD files were included in the package, but they were not present in the download.  I put in a help ticket before going to sleep, and when I woke up the next morning, I had a reply with the PSD files from DNN Covered.

DNN Covered definitely has the feel for how DotNetNuke works, and a feel for the DNN community.  Thanks DNN Covered!

One thought on “DotNetNuke Skins from DNN Covered”

  1. Thanks for the appreciation to using our service In future we will try our best to give best support and produce good dnn skin to our dotnetnuke community.


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