DevTeach, Day 3

Today I got to meet Nitin, publisher of the awesome and free cheat sheets at  All free PDF downloads, covering a range of topics.  They’re introducing 12 new .NET cards next year, but already have Silverlight 2, Core .NET, C# and PowerShell.  Nitin brought some nicely printed ones for deign patterns and Silverlight 2.  This was a sweet bit of swag.

A lot of people stayed late at the UG party last night, judging by the low attendance at breakfast and bleary eyes in the early sessions.

My first session was protecting web apps against injection attacks.  In a way, I’m happy that we already do almost all of the recommended best practices.  There are a few things I need to touch up when I get back.

The Silverlight toolkit is very cool, I can’t wait to get more into Silverlight and what it can do.  The follow-up databinding session didn’t go so well, so not much there.

I did win a couple of USB keys today, and Rally Software gave me a handful of Matchbox-size Mini Coopers with their logo for looking at their software.  Their community edition may find its way into a project in the future as a test drive.

The afternoon is being spent with Rod Paddock and Jim Duffy.  Rod went through Ajaxing applications and a brief tour of the Ajax Control Toolkit.

The always hilarious Jim Duffy did a great talk on refactoring in VB.NET using the free Refactor! from DevExpress.  My team can expect to download and install this tool next week.

Last regular session is using Virtual Earth in ASP.NET apps.  Very excited about this.  My team at work can expect to see some of this next year.