Copying DTS Packages to a Different Server in SQL Server 2000

Freaky–we were just talking about this yesterday afternoon.

The latest
update came out today, and the lead story is an update to an older article
titled “Copying
DTS Packages to a Different Server
“.  The article has some code samples
to show you how you can copy DTS packages from one SQL Server 2000 to

If you’re lazy, don’t bother with the code.  Instead, there’s a great
GUI tool called DTSBackup
 from  Using
DTSBackup 2000 couldn’t be easier–choose your origin server (supply
credentials if necessary), choose the DTSs you want to copy, choose your
destination server (supply credentials if necessary), add in the owner pwd if
necessary, and click Transfer.  Within minutes, your packages are
transferred.  It’s sweet, and works like a charm.

I use this to copy DTSs from my dev/test server to the prod server, and back
again if necessary.  Layout in the visual designer gets a little goofy, but
that’s the only downside.