Configuring DiscountASP.NET IMAP Email on Android

[update: 2011-12-19 DiscountASP.NET has recently upgraded their SmarterMail system.  The latest version has sync capabilities beyond IMAP and POP/SMTP.  Options include SyncML or a SmarterMail Sync app-Exchange ActiveSync is not supported.  I recommend logging in to your webmail account and looking through the Synchronization Center to see if there is an option that might work better for you.]

Some combination of key words on my blog is bringing a bunch of people to my blog seeing how to configure DiscountASP.NET IMAP email with their Android phones.  It’s actually quite easy

First step—ignore the email app that comes with Android.  Pretend it doesn’t exist.  It stinks.  If Google knew shame, I’d say they should be ashamed for producing it.  Instead, you want to get K-9 Mail.  K-9 Mail is available in the Marketplace, or you can see it on AppBrain (speaking of things Google could do better…anyhow:  K-9 Mail is apparently a fork of the original Email app, but is vastly improved.  It is the best email client I’ve seen on a mobile device (by my count, 12 apps on 6 devices in 13 years).  Kudos to the K-9 Dog Walkers!

Here are the settings you’ll need to know:

Incoming server

Username = your full email address
IMAP server = imap.<yourdomain>.<yourtld>
Security Type = None
Authentication Type = PLAIN
Port = 143

Outgoing Server

SMTP Server = smtp.<yourdomain>.<yourtld>
Security Type = None
Port = 25
Require sign-in = check
Authentication type = PLAIN
Username = your full email address

Beyond the basic settings, there are a gazillion additional settings–you can choose to subscribe to certain folders, automatically delete messages, push notifications, etc.  Spend a little time exploring the settings so you can take full advantage of the application.

7 thoughts on “Configuring DiscountASP.NET IMAP Email on Android”

  1. A few points to look out for and it works great (and a great email client too)

    1) after you get past the first screen to enter in the email address (ex: make sure the default username is set to because by default it is set to just myname
    2) make sure to change the default IMAP setting from to
    3) basically repeat steps 1 and 2 for the SMTP settings.
    4) dont forget to change the default SMTP port to 25

    Then it works

  2. Thank you!!! My IT friend just sent me this to fix a broken outbox issue due to a Verizon software upgrade that fried my prior IMAP email system through the originally offered mail app. I’ve spent 2 hours with customer service and countless of the same on my own trying to trouble shoot the problem. This worked perfectly, so I just deleted the other app altogether. Thank you!!!

  3. Just bought the Galaxy Nexus – sadly I cannot get K-9 nor the default EMail app to connect using the above information. Perhaps its a day 1 issue… stay tuned.

  4. Keep us posted Joe. I am looking to upgrade my phone soon, we’ll see what’s out after the new year.

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