Comments on “DotNetNuke and SharePoint, part deux”

responded to Shaun Walker’s DNN
vs. Sharepoint Feature Matrix
, and for some reason I can’t get the Submit
button to work on Bil’s blog.  So I’m posting my comments here.  Two
points to add to Bil’s great list:

1) Unless there have been some changes made, storing files in the file system
with DNN is not secure.  This is the only way to store files in DNN 3
(unless the newest release changes this), and one option in DNN 4.  Someone
paying attention can access files by direct URL.  In SharePoint, files are
stored in the database, and acceses to these files can be strinctly controlled
at several levels.

2) It’s actually far, far easier to develop and deploy SP webparts with the
free SmartPart
than it is to develop DNN PAs.  The distribution method of PAs is great,
but development of DNN modules can be a pain.  The SmartPart allows any
ASCX control to be used in SharePoint, and has found significant use in my SP
installations.  Without the SmartPart, developing for either can be a
miserable experience.