Banned Book Week on Google Book Week

Book Week
is the last week of September (coincidentally, so is my birthday),
and Google Book Search is highlighting a number of
challenged or banned books
.  I was surprised to how many of the books
on the list were required reading in my rural Kentucky school district (not so
rural anymore, but was 20 years ago).  Plus, I’d read many on my own. 
I do remember some attempts to have books banned, and even one book burning (I
think it was Tom Sawyer), but that met with no success.

I’m curious as to the reasons for why some of these books are being
challenged.  OK, I get why some folks may not want Lolita rolling around a
middle school reading list.  But apparently I missed something in
James and the Giant Peach, which I read as a kid.  If anything, many of the
books should be required reading just for the sake of not repeating some of the
horros of the past.  I can’t really imagine a world without Salinger,
Vonnegut, Faulkner or Steinbeck, and I’d hate for any kids I might have one day
to live in such a world.

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