Apple’s “Mighty Mouse” – Not So Mighty


This is a commentary based on advertised features, not a product review.  If you are confused as to what the differences are, stop reading now.  If you can tell the difference, read on.  The comments will attest that some cannot tell the difference.



For a product review, read the Personal Technology column in today’s (Aug 4 2005) Wall St. Journal.  Walt Mossberg, who is no great fan of Microsoft, and has actually used this mouse, points out the deficiencies of this mouse.  Some of what I was criticized for saying yesterday (Aug 3 2005) turns out to be true.  Online:


I had to see what all the buzz was about regrding Apple’s new “Might Mouse”, so I checked out Apple’s website.  In the past, Microsoft has been accused of simply copying the ideas of others, especially Apple.  Today, I think MS can safely say “back at ya”.  Here’s the 4 major features of the “Mighty Mouse”:

1) “Touch sensitive technology detects right and left click.”

Right click!  No way!  How’d they come up with that?  I remember having a Logitech 3 button mouse all the way back on Windows 386 (that would be before Windows 3 for you Regan-era babies).

2) “The innovative Scroll Ball gives you 360 scrolling capability.”

The ball’s been used before, but admittedly to move the mouse rather than scroll the document.  For several years, MS has had a mouse with the usual click wheel that also tilted to scroll a document left and right (see

3) “Horizontal, vertical and even diagonal scrolling offers more control.”

I’m not sure if the tilt wheel in #2 scrolls diagonally, but I’m also not sure the scrolling thing bears repeating.

4) “Force sensing side-buttons let you activate apps.”

Yawn.  Been there, done that, hate those things because the buttons are right where I grab the mouse to reposition it, and the damn apps launch.  I think they even stopped making that model because it was such an annoyance.  My wife still has hers, and it drives me nuts.

Oen thing that seems to be missing is any element of ergonomics.  It’s still pretty much the same shape as the usual Mac mouse.  At least MS bothers to put some comfort into their mouse designs.