Shiny new thing to eat up bandwidth!

I’m a solo developer in a corporate environment, so I’m really on my own to learn new things.  As good as blogs and books are, there’s sometimes no substitute for being shown how.  That’s why Microsoft highlights so many videos on its site.  ASP Alliance also has a growing library of videos.

Enter onto this list one more site–  Right now there are around 100 videos on a great number of topics.  Apparently there are a couple hundred more in the pipeline.  And, if you sign up now, you get 6 months of ASP.NET Pro magazine for free.  That alone is worth the sign-up.  ASP.NET Pro is one of my favorite trade mags (I have an online subscription, and have for several years).

When you’re Googling for info on whatever you’re working on, don’t forget to check out this site, too, and see if someone is showing you how it’s done.

Full disclosure: I was asked to say something about the new site, and I usually ignore such requests.  But after checking it it, it’s one I’ll be spending some time on, and recommending to others.

(edit – fixed links)

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  1. There’s an info link in the center column, just below the header, above the first videos. You automatically get the mag when you register.

  2. Doh! Thanks Sonu–I’ve fixed the links.

    I received an e-mail that many of the videos are actually from the site. Provided that’s cool with the copyright, I have no problem with a site that aggregates and categorizes videos from a number of sources. Saves me a lot of time tracking them down, especially since the content isn’t indexed by any search engine I can remember.

  3. Hi RJ, thanks for mentioning my website. i do really appreciate it. there are no copy right issues with the videos i created. i basically visualized all the data tutorials listed on website. I am in touch with Scott Mitchell (the original author of the articles) and Scott Guthrie at Microsoft. I learn by watching, therefore, i figured the community can benefit with my effrorts.

    Scott Mitchell’s mention about on his blog can be found at:

    Subscription details for asp.netPRO can be found here:

    thanks agian.


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