WebResources.axd and URLScan

Embedded resources in ASp.NET 2.0 are served up by a file listed as WebResources.axd.  If your validators aren’t working, or treeview or sitemap images aren’t showing, see if the debugging steps at http://www.rosshawkins.net/rfh/articles/webresource.axd.html fix your problem.

However, if you’re running URLScan on your server, you may need to specifically allow the .axd extension in the .ini file.  Once we did that, our sitemap was good as gold.

VistaDB 3.0 – Final release date announced!

Attention .NET, Compact Framework and Mono developers!

VistaDB 3.0 is now just 3 days away from official release!

A reminder that that you have until Feb 24th to take advantage of our pre-release offer and get $100 off VistaDB 3.0.

This is our last email announcement before final release.

Key features in VistaDB 3.0:

– Truly embedded SQL database for .NET, Compact Framework and Mono

– Small 600KB footprint

– 100% managed and verfiably typesafe architecture developed in C#

– Build ASP.NET, WinForms and Web Services applications

– SQL Server 2005 compatible data types and T-SQL syntax support

– Royalty free distribution!

Read more here:


Critical update for HP Director – fixes problem after IE7

I have an HP ScanJet 4670, and after installing IE 7, the HP Director
software wouldn’t work.  Turns out, IE 7 breaks HP director, and there is
now a fix:

Critical update to resolve an issue with HP Director after installing
IE7: missing icons and contents of HP Director screens which may not function
properly after upgrading to IE7


Hat tip: sandi