RedGate’s SQL Source Control is now feature complete!

Big news for this cool SSMS add-in–RedGate's SQL Source Control is now feature complete.  A full list of v1 features is listed at

The current beta version is, and I've been working with it since somewhere in the late 0.1 early 0.2 timeframe.  It's been a very stable and well done tool the whole time I've been evaluating it.

Interestingly, each beta version expires two weeks from release, so it looks like RedGate is using Scrum to develop the product. Cool!

Easter egg alert: If you leave the Help >> About screen open for 30 seconds or so, one of my favorite old arcade games opens up.

Office Live Workspaces, SkyDrive and Office Web Apps 2010 Converge!

We're finally seeing the fruits of Microsoft's convergence strategy. I received the following email today, which is exciting news.  Even more so since the full Office 2010 can directly map to SkyDrive, too. I've used SkyDrive for a couple years now, and it's a great service, but a little dated in appearance and a little clunky compared to more modern UI.  Looking forward to a slicker and more attractive UI.  The UI for gives a lot of hope for Workspaces.

Good news!

Your Microsoft Office Live Workspace beta account is about to become even better. You already know it’s a great way to store and share documents, and soon it will come together with Windows Live SkyDrive to become a great way to view, create, and edit documents from virtually anywhere.

In the coming months, you’ll receive notification when your Office Live Workspace account will be upgraded, along with further details. Until then, there’s no need for you to do anything.

With your SkyDrive account, you’ll get 25 GB of online storage for sharing both documents and photos. Your SkyDrive account is designed to work smoothly with other Windows Live services like Hotmail and Messenger. And you’ll be able to view and edit documents from virtually anywhere using new Microsoft Office Web Apps.

Handango to open Android Marketplace

Interesing…I received the following email today.  There’s always a little bit of a concern when I install an app from an unknown publisher, especially the free ones, so it’ll be interesting to see the level of review these apps undego.  Handango has had good offerings from very good companies, and I don’t mind paying for a little peace of mind, and hopefully that will continue.  I expect that with upcoming Mono Touch for Android we’ll see more crossover with WinPhone and Android apps based on .NET in the future.  And that’s very, very good for customers.

Developer Partner,

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Login to your Handango developer account today and upload your Android applications –

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Best regards,

PocketGear Developer Relations Team

First Look: and Office 2010

w00t!  Shiny new thing!  Microsoft’s Docs, integrated with Facebook, is still in beta, but the wrappers are starting to come off.  Docs is apparently part (or just is) Microsoft’s online version of Office 2010, due out later this summer.  Currently Docs has online versions of Word, Excel and Powerpoint.  This is a cursory glance while I finish my morning caffeine.


Below is the ribbon for Word 2010 (click for larger view).  The first thing you’ll notice is that a tab for File has made a return, but it’s not the default selection when you start Word.


Here is the online Word ribbon, in IE 8 (click for a larger view).


And the online Word ribbon in Firefox 3.6 (click for a larger view).


The Office ribbon and the online ribbons are very similar.  There are fewer options available online, but the major formatting ones are right there.  Business users will find the lack of a table of contents, revision tracking, mail merge and template support limiting, but online Word is capable enough for a term paper or simple business correspondence.


Below is Excel 2010 (click for a larger view).  Again, a File tab has made a return, but pretty similar to Excel 2007.


Online Excel in IE8 (click for a larger view).


Online Excel in Firefox 3.6 (click for a larger view).


The online Excel has a very familiar spreadsheet interface, including multiple worksheet support.  The online version supports the basic functions of a spreadsheet, including formulas, but is lacking the analysis and more advanced features in Office 2010.  No indication yet if Docs will support sparklines in Excel, or if the online Excel can be used as a mini database like the spreadsheet in Google Docs can.

Do note that in the online version, in the lower right-hand corner, there is “1 person editing”.  Rumors have it that Docs supports collaborative editing, although neither Word nor PowerPoint displayed this indicator.  When I find someone else with a Docs invite, we’ll test that.


While PowerPoint itself doesn’t violate the Geneva Convention, some of the slide decks I’ve been forced to sit through are dubious in both their usefulness and adherence to humanitarian standards.  Soon, everyone can join the fun!  Managerial blasphemy aside, online PowerPoint is a pretty impressive piece of programming.

Here’s PowerPoint 2010 (click for a larger view).  File tab…blah blah…lots of features…blah blah…


Here is the online PowerPoint in IE 8:


And in Firefox 3.6:


Once again, just a basic feature set, hardcore business users may find the lack of animations and templates limiting (although the audiences may welcome the lack thereof).

All in all, the first glance is very positive, and I look forward to putting Docs through its paces in the future.