Blogdigger: Find Bloggers Near You

From SearchEngineWatch:

Want to meet local bloggers in your area? A new service from Blogdigger pinpoints bloggers by their physical location in the United States, with coverage soon to be extended to cities throughout the world.

Like other local search services, Blogdigger queries have two parts: your search terms, and a location, which you enter as a city/state combination or by using a zip code. Search results are sorted by relevance, with probable hits found within a 20 mile radius of the city or zip code you specify in your query. You can change the distance to 5, 10 or 100 miles, and also re-sort the results by date rather than relevance.

A sidebar shows a map of the city with a list of other blogs operating from that area. If you enter a city name or zip code with no other search terms, your results will show all blog postings associated with that area.

Pretty cool, but searching for several terms related to development in my ZIP code failed to find either myself or Eric Kepes (who lives about 20 miles away).  So I added my feed to Blogdigger at, and added the GeoURL headers to my blog also.

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