McHappy Day 2009 – Support Children in Need

November 20th will mark an important day for children around the world.  On that day, McDonald’s restaurants, joining more than 30,000 Golden Arches Locations around the world, is celebrating the 7th Annual McHappy Day fundraiser.  Since 2002, it has raised $150 million for RMHC and children’s charities around the world.  McDonald’s Restaurants across the country will donate $1.00 from the sale of every breakfast and beef sandwich Extra Value Meal to Ronald McDonald House Charities.

Through much of the month, customers can also support RMHC through “Give a Hand” an in-restaurant program that exchanges a $l.00 donation to the charity for the opportunity to autograph and hang a paper hand in McDonalds.

On November 20th, won’t you do your part by stopping by your local McDonald’s neighborhood restaurant with your family and purchase either breakfast meals or a beef sandwich extra value meals to support the Ronald McDonald House Charities? Also, stop by during the month of November and give a dollar for “Give A Hand” and hang your child’s autograph in the restaurant.   What better way to help children in need by supporting the RMHC.

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Get Ready to Become a Small Business Specialist

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Get Ready to Become a Small Business Specialist

Gain new skills working with small businesses and become a Small Business Specialist. You can take free courses that help you meet the needs of small businesses. Begin qualifying as a Small Business Specialist by completing a sales and marketing assessment.

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