Quick Look: Chiwi’s CS Gallery Manager

is a free application for uploading multiple images into a CS gallery.  Prior to uploading, you have the ability to add a photo title and description, and you can control thumbnail settings.  You can upload to any gallery you have permission to, and can choose the album/tag for the photos.

The first issue I found was URL you need to configure.  You want to use http://<siteurl>/photos/galleryservice.asmx.  For instance, I had to configure http://floristblogs.com/photos/galleryservice.asmx. 

The second issue I found was exceeding the maximum request size.  In uploading some images into floristblogs.com, any image over 1.5MB could not be uploaded using Chiwi’s tool.  However, I could upload the same photos via the photo control panel.  I have a Nikon D50, and almost all of my photos are right around the 1.5MB mark with the high-quality setting.

If you have a lot of images that only need to be resized slightly, get the free  and shrink your images slightly, then upload using Chiwi’s tool.

Scott’s Flickr for Community Server (Updated)

I’d downloaded Scott’s code for his module and took the liberty of updating it to use the latest build of FlickrNet, so that users can now make use of both modules side-by-side.  Since Scott is going to be out of town on vacation, he’d said he wouldn’t mind if I went ahead and released, and so without further ado, please feel free to download it below.

Full story at http://qgyen.net/archive/2006/08/09/Scott_2700_s-Flickr-for-Community-Server-_2800_Updated_2900_.aspx

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