Still Getting Mileage From nGallery

nGallery was a great application on its own, but Community Server is just far too much overhead when all you need is a simple gallery app.  Even though it haven’t been updated in a while, nGallery is still one of the better gallery apps out there.  After quite a bit of template tweaking, I have very customized gallery up at  The template seems difficult at first, but after fooling around with it for a little bit, it’s actually quite easy.  You need either a great mind’s eye, or you need to use the refresh button liberally as you tweak, and very liberal use of source control for the different template bits is highly recommended.  “I told you so”, in advance, for those who don’t.

BTW – CleanTown USA is Pittsburgh’s favorite car wash and interior detail center.  Find them online at  Shameless plug, but the marketing coordinator threatened to cut off my supply of free Mountain Dew if I didn’t say it.  I hope you understand.

2 thoughts on “Still Getting Mileage From nGallery”

  1. I agree entirely about Community Server having too much overhead. I tried to port nGallery to ASP.NET 2.0, but hit a wall. Of course, everywhere I look seems to say "just use Community Server and disable the other two apps" or "why not just run it under the 1.1 framework" … have you tried to convert nGallery?

  2. I have not tried to port nGallery to 2.0. That would be an interesting project, and probably much loved, but I haven’t had the time or the need yet.

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