Pittsburgh Code Camp Confirmed Topics

The folks at Pittsburgh Dot Net have
been busy with preparations for Pittsburgh Code Camp,
and they’ve released the confirmed topics:

-AJAX / Atlas for .NET
-An Inside Look at the .Net Framework Garbage
-Common Pitfalls with .NET and COM Interop
Application Backlog
-Introducing Iron Python .NET
-Introduction to
Custom Membership Providers (ASP.NET 2.0)
-Microsoft Composite UI
Application Block (CAB)
-.Net using Mono/Open Source
Implementation of Web Services with CRUD Generation
-Refactoring in .NET
-SOA-Building Services for Reuse
-SQL Server Integration
-Unit and Web Testing with Visual Studio 2005
-Using Attributes
and PropertyGrids to Manage System Configuration
-Using the Enterprise
-Windows Workflow Foundation for .NET

Looks to be an awesome day!  Pittsburgh Code Camp is April 8, and you
can apparently still regsiter at http://www.pghdotnet.org/CodeCamp/default.htm.