September PGHDOTNET Meeting – Theming ASP.NET Sites with CSS3

Couple of great talks at PGH.NET this month.  Here’s the first:

The session begins with some CSS3 basics and moves onto how to create the ultimate presentation. Chris will demonstrate how to build rich themes without graphics, graceful degradation, and how to use simple graphics to enhance style. You’ll become familiar with support for legacy browsers, Web 2.0, and walk away with an overview of ASP.NET framework themes.

Chris’ bio has one of the best statements EVER.  Emphasis mine:

Chris Bannon is familiar with many acronyms: UX, ASP.NET, AJAX, C#, SQL & jQuery.  As the lead Web Developer at ComponentOne, he has mastered techniques such as CSS Layout, Unobtrusive JavaScript, Semantic Markup, and Progressive Enhancement.  Chris manages the product line for many ComponentOne’s Microsoft Visual Studio products and is trained in Notepad, SQL Management Studio and Expression Blend.

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