DotNetNuke Corp Buys Snowcovered

Snowcovered is the single best source of DotNetNuke modules.  I’ve used a number of DNN modules over the past several years, all purchased from Snowcovered.  Given the head start of Snowcovered, I never understood the point of the DNN marketplace, but this move seems very intelligent.

DotNetNuke Corp. is pleased to announce the acquisition of Snowcovered. Snowcovered has done a tremendous job building a market for DotNetNuke modules and skins which has empowered DotNetNuke software ISVs and helped grow the DotNetNuke ecosystem. DotNetNuke Corp. has been the steward for the DotNetNuke open source project and helped drive the growth of the platform and ecosystem. Bringing the two companies together will continue the growth of the DotNetNuke ecosystem by creating closer ties between the platform and the large, rich library of third party modules and skins.

We will operate Snowcovered in the same positive, beneficial manner the DotNetNuke community has come to expect. Brice Snow, founder of Snowcovered, will continue as a full-time participant in the business as we merge the two organizations. The DotNetNuke commercial ecosystem will benefit from a closer integration of the DotNetNuke platform with the commercial marketplace where users can purchase the modules and skins they need for success.

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