It’s Official – Scrumr is #2!

A huge thank you to everyone who voted for Scrumr in the Community Coding Contest— were #2 by two votes.  The #1 project was CCConfig, and given the growing interest in agile development methodologies, we’re humbled but not terribly surprised to see two agile projects at the top.

Two other projects which deserve mentioning are the Active Directory Roles Provider and aspNETserve, both of which may play a role in future development of Scrumr.  The AD Roles Provider hooks ASP.NET membership into AD groups, making roles administration part of the AD environment–definitely a plus in some corporate environments.  aspNETserve would allow Scrumr to be run locally on a machine without IIS installed.  Potentially, with SQL Server Express as the datastore, this could be used to make Scrumr as portable thumbdrive app, too (just like ScrewTurn Wiki).

And a very, very huge thank you to Chris Pietschmann, the MS MVP who had the cool idea of a contest to give away the MSDN subscriptions.  Thanks, Chris, hope you decide to do it again next year!

2 thoughts on “It’s Official – Scrumr is #2!”

  1. Again, Congratulations! Thanks for pointing out two of the other entries that didn’t win. People should definitely go check out all the other entries to the contest, if they haven’t already. They are all pretty cool projects.

    I do hope to be able to run the contest again in the future. It all depends if I can get some more really awesome prizes to give away.

    Also, don’t forget to thank innerworkings and .netCharting for donating some of the additional prizes.

  2. Chris is right–thank you to .netCharting, innerworkings and simplovation. Nate is thrilled about the map control from simplovation, and he’s looking forward to learning more from innerworkings. CCNetConfig won .NetCharting, which has gorgeous charts. This was a great pile of loot! I’m really glad to have found out about aspNETserve and AD Roles Provider, and if I used CruiseControl .NET, probably CCNetConfig, too (I use a different build tool, don’t panic).

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