Windows XP: Then Again, Maybe It Is Dead

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Microsoft says Windows XP sales will end June 30 despite comments by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. Microsoft says it’s listening, but petition author Galen Gruman says Microsoft counts a Windows Vista sale even with an option to downgrade to Windows XP. Galen’s petition has more than 170,000 names asking Microsoft to save Windows XP.

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2 thoughts on “Windows XP: Then Again, Maybe It Is Dead”

  1. The vista is not working. they expect to leave us with a mediocre system? i think if it happens microsoft will encounter for the first time a full fledge rebellion of customers and it will be their downfall. no company can disregard its customers even the great microsoft

  2. Vista is working, and extremely well. If you’ve got problems with that, then don’t blame the OS…

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