WebIS Releases FlexMail 2007

WebIS has released FlexMail 2007, a
replacement for the Pocket Outlook which ships on Windows Mobile 5.0
devices.  This is a significant upgrade to the FlexMail 2006, which I’ve
used for several months now on my Treo 700w, but found myself wishing for a few
more features and faster performance.  My few wishes and then some seem to
have been taken care of in this new release.

FlexMail is far and above better in how it displayes messages with HTML
formatting, and handles IMAP accounts better than Pocket Outlook.  GMail
POP3 SSL is supported, as is storing messages on an SD card.  The
featurelist is long, and everyone likes different things, so just go check it
out for yourself.

Full story at http://webis.net/products_info.php?p_id=mail.