Very Sweet Open Source DNN Calendar Module

I stumbled across a really sweet calendar module for DotNetNuke today–the AVCalendar from  It’s open source/donationware, and is the best DNN calendar module I’ve found yet.  It supports multiple calendars, which you can arrange as master/child, and an additional calendar list module that lists events from one calendar.  It handles recurring events, and events with limited enrollment.  You can also set a charge for enrollment, and use PayPal for admission.  Weekly and Monthly, as well as etailved views, and there’s an option to add the calendar event to a VCS-compatible calender app such as Outlook.  Definately worth a look.  I’ll be adding this to the BADNUG site shortly as we plan our next events.

2 thoughts on “Very Sweet Open Source DNN Calendar Module”

  1. I can’t seem to find that calendar that you mentioned above. Do you have a more current link to it? I am actually looking for any CSS examples for the DNN Events module.



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