Treo 700w Updater Killed My Treo

I am sans-Treo today.  I know better than to do these things in the
morning, but one of my co-workers didn’t have a problem upgrading, and I just
couldn’t resist the lure of direct push e-mail.  What a mistake!

The upgrade process went well for the Treonauts (,
so I was hopeful.  I started the installation, and the update screen
claimed it was a 30 min process.  The preparation step went quickly, and
then the actual update started.  I fed the dogs, showered, walked the dogs,
packed lunch, made breakfast, kissed wifey a few times, and after 75 minutes, I
was still at the beginning of the upgrade step.  I placed a quick call to
Verizon, who said that you can expect about an hour total (about 30 min for the
upgrade, and about 30 min for the cleanup).  When I told them it had been
75 minutes on the upgrade step, the said that was a problem, and tried to patch
me through to Palm.  Palm was conveniently closed, not comnig to work until
6 am Pacific.  Since it was 7:45 Eastern (4:45 am Pacific), I headed off to
work.  I left the update process running, hoping 8 or 9 hours might be
enough.  We’ll see when I get home.

There is an elapsed time counter on the update screen, but it doesn’t roll
the hours.  After 66 minutes, the clock read only 6 minutes had